Saturday, 3 May 2014

Illamasqua Summer Collection

Forbidden, Surrender and Flirtacious
I always get so excited as soon as I see the promo pictures for a new Illamasqua launch and with the summer collection it was no exception.  The collection features gorgeous pastel products in matte formulas; right up my street! As soon as the email came though on my phone to say it had launched I got myself to the local counter.

Matte Lip Liquids
 I tried two of of the three new Matte Lip Liquids, a completely new product from Illamasqua.  Surrender is a very warm peachy colour and Forbidden is a pale powder pink; both perfect for spring! I shied away from the bright orange Exotic as I knew it wouldn't really suit me, although it is beautiful. 
The formula is really long-lasting.  I wore Forbidden to work yesterday and it lasted a good 5-6 hours without going bitty, as long-wear lip products are prone to do.  It looks very matte on the lips but doesn't ever feel totally dry to the touch like other matte liquids I have tried (Sleek, Limecrime, MUA).  However it also does not feel as drying on the lips which is a bonus.
L-R Surrender, Forbidden, Flirtatious
The new collection sees two new shades added to their Velvet Blush line (one shade Conviction exclusive to their website). They apply like a cream but set to a powder finish. Despite being in love with their powder and cream blushers already I was not planning on getting one of the new shades...but once I tried Flirtatious I was won over.  It is in the same colour family as Lover (my favourite Illamasqua blush), but a more pinky peach and it goes particularly well with Surrender.

Flirtatious Velvet Blusher
What's your favourite in the new collection? 


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