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Makeup Geek Dupes for the Batalash Palette

A few months ago the makeup corner of the internet was a-buzz with talk of the LE Saucebox Batalash palette.  8 shadows of amazing (!!!) quality chosen by the Batalash girls. I didn't think I was going to be able to get my hands on it but then it became available on a UK site and the rest is history.

As of writing this, the palette has been sold out in the US for quite a while now but there are still some left over at Cocktail Cosmetics for any European makeup lovers.

The shade range is great.  There's a range of warm and cool; matte and metallic; neutral and colourful.  The eye shadow pans are huge, 4g each (0.5g more than a Sugarpill pan).  My only complaint about the palette is that the copper and the warm brown are very similar in colour and I would rather have seen something completely different.

Because the palette was so popular and the shades work so well together, I thought I would try to dupe it with my Makeup Geek shades.  I was only choosing out of the colours I already own from Makeup Geek and was very surprised by how similar a palette I could create!  Read on to see the dupes in all of their glory.

The Batalash Saucebox palette

So here's the Batalash palette, pretty amazing huh?  Below are my Makeup Geek shades that I've picked out to dupe the palette.  I don't have Makeup Geek's black, Corrupt, so I've chosen Sugarpill Bulletproof to stand in for that.  Terribly sorry, but not really.  Despite me wearing nothing but black eye shadow for many years, I don't use it very often any more.

At a glance, the only differences I notice is that the palest shades and the blacks differ but it looks like a pretty good match otherwise right?

Makeup Geek shadows with one Sugarpill

All swatches are done on bare skin, no primer.

Left: Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean
Right: Saucebox Vanila

Vanilla from Saucebox is obviously lighter than MuG Vanilla Bean.  The latter is darker and more beige, on me is pretty much blends into my skin colour.  I like Vanilla Bean all over my lid whereas I can use Vanilla to highlight.  MuG do have a matte white and a shimmery white but I really think they need a neutral, matte highlight shade.  I know a few paler shades have just been released in a matte collection but I think they are pink-based, and while that would work for me I think the majority of people would prefer neutral or warm.

Vanilla Bean is slightly less pigmented than Vanilla, as you can see it doesn't cover my freckle in the lower left-hand-side of the swatch.

Top: Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean
Bottom: Saucebox Vanila
Left: Makeup Geek Preppy
Right: Saucebox Winter Brown

I love the cooler addition of Winter Brown.  I'm sure some people were disappointed that it wasn't a warmer shade but I think it's great.  I already loved Preppy, which I've always seen as a greenish brown (it works great with MuG High Tea and Dirty Martini).  

These two shades are very similar.  I would say that Winter Brown is slightly more opaque but both are smooth and blend easily.  Preppy is ever so slightly warmer.

Top: Makeup Geek Preppy
Bottom: Saucebox Winter Brown

Left: Makeup Geek Mocha
Right: Cinnamon

Warm smokey eyes are really de rigueur right now and just Cinnamon with a bit of Lace Noir do a perfect job at it.   Mocha is a pretty good dupe for it, albeit slightly darker.

Top: Makeup Geek Mocha
Bottom: Cinnamon

Left: Sugarpill Bulletproof
Right: Saucebox Lace Noir

So I can't compare Corrupt with Lace Noir, sorry.  I always thought that Sugarpill Bulletproof was the best black out there but look, one swatch of Lace Noir is super duper black for the whole swipe, whereas Bulletproof is only dark at the beginging.  Honestly, Bulletproof is a great black but Lace Noir is AMAZING!  

For those interested, Corrupt is currently being reformulated to have less fall-out.  I'm not sure if it will be re-released under the same name or not.

Top: Sugarpill Bulletproof
Bottom: Saucebox Lace Noir

L-R MuG Goddess, Saucebox Enigma, MuG Flamethrower (foiled)

So I kind of have 2 dupes for Enigma (which I wish was a different colour, sigh).  From MuG's regular line of shadows there is Goddess, a rich warm copper,  less metallic than Enigma.  Flamethrower is from their Foiled line and is warmer and way more metallic than Enigma.

All of them apply really well.  The foiled shadows do crease so if you go for Flamethrower, make sure not to take it into the crease or above.

L-R MuG Flamethrower (foiled), Saucebox Enigma, MuG Goddess

Left: Makeup Geek Pixie Dust
Right: Saucebox Electro

I can't quite believe how good my dupe is for Electro, the warm limey green.  True, for some reason I do really like bright greens, but I didn't think I'd be able to match it spot-on.  Pixie Dust is pretty much exactly the same colour but more pigmented and slightly more metallic.

I really love this colour so I'm glad to have such a great dupe for it.

Top: Makeup Geek Pixie Dust
Bottom: Saucebox Electro

Left: Makeup Geek Shark Bait
Right: Saucebox Popper

In the pan, Popper looks like it's going to be a metallic, or at least glittery deep teal but the shimmer doesn't translate to the skin.  I feel it looks matte on, with some drifting glitter which brushes off when blended.  

Shark Bait is ever so slightly darker and completely matte, a surprisingly good dupe.  Popper is definitely more opaque but it does kick up a bit of powder. 

Top: Makeup Geek Shark Bait
Bottom: Saucebox Popper

Left: Makeup Geek Burlesque
Right: Nova

After the first pair, this pair is probably the least convincing of my dupes.  Nova is a warm metallic purple.  I think it has a warm brown/reddy base with the purple coming through in the metallic-ness.
Burlesque is a metallic burgundy which definitely matches the base but lacks that purple sheen.

I've played around about this evening (of course, too late to take photos of it in good light) and if you add a bit of Masquerade (bright purple MuG Foiled shadow) in with Burlesque then you pretty much have Nova. But you'll have to trust me on that one.

Top: Makeup Geek Burlesque
Bottom: Nova
If you've missed out on the Saucebox Batalash palette, or maybe you were put off by the price. then I think I've come up with some pretty good dupes for it.  

So the  Saucebox Batalash palette was $60 for 32g
The Makeup Geek shadows are $6 each.  In total that would be $48, but for 14.4g
And then obviously, for the MuG shadows you need a palette to store them in.

What do you think of these dupes?  I think I've done really well, considering I didn't by any new MuG shadows in order to do this.  Those of you who have more MuG shades, are there any closer dupes for Nova and Vanilla?  


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