Friday, 27 June 2014

Topshop Chameleon Glow Eyeshadows: Review and Looks

Despite having a few very good make up items from Topshop, I always seem to forget about their range.  Every now and again I wander in and discover something new and amazing.  Like this week.  I am such a fan of finding things that are unlike anything else I have in my collection.  The Chameleon Glows are such a product.  Part of Topshop's Festival collection, they are powders than can be used anywhere to create a "multi-dimensional, iridescent finish".  Basically they are beautiful duo-chrome eyeshadows (I think they're a bit too chunky to be used anywhere else).  Of course I couldn't choose between them and got all three.

T-B: Shuffle The Cards, Wax & Wane, U-Turn
There are three colours; Shuffle The Cards (peach/pink), Wax & Wane (purple/blue) and U-Turn (green/purple).  U-Turn is the most noticeably duochromatic with Wax & Wane being the least.  From what I could tell in the shop, Shuffle The Cards seems to be the most popular.  Almost all of the duochrome shadows I have are of the blue/brown variety so it was a very pleasant surprise to run into something a little different.

This look uses all three of the Chameleon Glows (more IS more), going Shuffle The Cards, to U-Turn, to Wax & Wane.  If I remember correctly, I used Desperation from Urban Decay's Vice palette in the crease and underneath the lower lash line.

This photo was taken with the flash and shows how shimmery they are.  You can also see how chunky the particles are; these are by no means finely milled!  Bits will fly off as you apply so I highly recommend that you use a tacky base, such as the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Eternal Gold, like I did here.

I paired this eye look with Bang Revolution lipstick from Urban Decay.  I love this orangey-red, it makes my eyes look super blue.

This is another look using just U-Turn, along with Muse and Echo Beach, also from the Vice palette.

Do you have any of these gems?  Or do you have any dupes in your collection?  I'd love to try some more duochrome shadows.  I'm also really looking forwards to seeing how other people use these, especially in line with the whole Festival theme.

They are available from Topshop for £8 each.