Thursday, 15 January 2015

5 Looks with the Limecrime Venus Palette

Lime Crime Venus palette
I feel a bit naughty for posting about Lime Crime's Venus palette now as it is currently sold out everywhere.  However it is already difficult to limit this post to 5 looks, and that is just going to get more difficult the more I wear it. 

Lime Crime describe it as the grunge palette, inspired by the early 90s and Botticelli.  A very warm palette with a great amount of matte shades and a few beautiful shimmers.

Read on for swatches and my looks.

Lime Crime Venus palette
All of the colours are very opaque.  The only extra I need for a complete look is a matte skin tone shade as my brow highlight, but that's not a problem.  

Lime Crime Venus palette - no flash

Lime Crime Venus palette - with flash

Lime Crime Venus palette
Look One

Silly mascara specks, sorry bout that.  I think this might have been my very first time using the palette and I was wanted to play up the shimmery shades.
I used Divine, the cool-toned brown, though my crease and blended out.  Aura is placed on the inner corner.  I mixed Creation and Muse as an all over colour which I blended out quite far. I used a mix of Icon and Venus on the outer third and underneath.  
For the metallic touch in the centre I used the Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals in Magnificent Copper.  The liner is Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper with Primark's False Lash mascara.

Lime Crime Venus palette
Look Two

This is a really quick look, usually used on days when I wake up late for work!
I used a dark brown pencil liner in my waterline and right into the roots of my top lashes, blended out well.  
I used Muse all over and blended out through my crease.  I used a mix of Icon and Venus on my mobile lid, concentrating it near the lash line.  I continued these colours onto my lower lash line, making sure it was blended with the liner. 

Lime Crime Venus palette
Look Three

Another simple look that is really pretty.
I swept Shell with a pinch of Rebirth all over my lid and blended out with a bit of Divine.  I also used Divine on my lower lash line.  I blended Muse into my outer third and Aura in the inner corner.
Again, used the Kat Von D liner and Primark mascara.

Lime Crime Venus palette
Look Four

I love this particular look.  I wore it into town to meet friends and was called 'Scary' by a stranger.  I paired it with dark lips and messy hair.
Quite simple in terms of shadow.  I just used Muse on the inner and outer thirds, blended out very far.  I deepened the same areas with Venus and a little bit of Icon.  
I left the centre of both lids clear of shadow.  I did the same with a brown pencil liner in the waterline, leaving the centre empty and continued the pattern with my mascara, which was quite effective.
I finished it off with some Eye Kandy glitter in Caramel Apple and a thin line of black liquid liner.

Lime Crime Venus palette

Look Five

A two-shadow look!  Muse is applied all over my top lid and blended out well.
Black pencil liner in both waterlines and then a liquid liner to wing out from the bottom lid instead of the top.  I continued the 'reverse cat-eye' effect with a very heavy line of Icon on the bottom lash line, blended into the liquid liner.

I hope you like this collection of the looks I've created with the Lime Crime Venus palette so far.  I've found it to be a very versatile palette, easily creating every-day and bold looks with it.  

I  bought mine from Love Makeup.  I don't know if they'll be coming back in to stock on that site but Lime Crime's official site has a sign up page to be alerted when it comes back into stock with them.


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