Saturday, 29 August 2015

OCC Lip Tar Swatches - Pinks

Pink OCC Lip Tars

If you saw my last Lip Tar post you'll know that I'm going through all of my Lip Tars in colour groups, with lip swatches on my YouTube channel, and arm swatches on my blog.  It's primarily to help anyone interested in buying these shades, as I know when I started off buying them I researched similar colours a lot.  I think a lot more people will purchase OCC Lip Tars now that they've been released in RTW (Ready To Wear) form, which is in a hard tube with a doe foot applicator.  This means you no longer have to take a separate lip brush around with you when you want to reapply.

I think Lip Tars are wonderful, which is why I have so many of them.  For professionals they are great in your kit as they're hygienic and easy to mix to create custom shades.  For the makeup fan they're highly collectable as they come in so many colours and the options are endless when you start mixing the different finishes.  You also only need to use the tiniest bit for opaque cover; a full tube will last ages!
No matter what type of colour you're looking for there will be a Lip Tar shade to suit you!

Anyway, here is my pink Lip Tars video and read on for side-by-side swatches.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

First Impressions with the Saucebox Batalash Palette

I had just received this palette in the post and just couldn't wait to put it on my eyes.  I hadn't decided what kind of thing I would do and ended up using every colour in a bit of a messy look.

I might do a one palette, 5 looks blog post using this palette.


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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Mermaid eye look 2.0

Mermaid eye look
Mermaid eye look left: 2014, right: 2015

I was asked this morning on one of the makeup forums I'm on to make a tutorial of a look I did a year ago.  The original look was inspired by one of Vintage Or Tacky's videos and uses very mermaidy colours with the blue, green and duochrome sheen.  I think I only featured the look on my blog in a sort of round-up post.  I recreated the look this morning using all the same products as last year, which I'll list below.

I hope you like the look and maybe find the pictorial I made useful.  I'd also love to know whether you preferred the first or second version!

Details below.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My Duochrome Favourites

My Duochrome Favourites

If you've read even a handful of my posts you'll probably know that I flipping love duochrome makeup.  It's my favourite finish every and if I find a new combination of colours then djashdwenfkn... I'm all over it!

If you're unfamiliar with the term duochrome it usually refers to a product that has a base colour and a different reflect colour; from one angle looking one colour but then changing when you move it.  Sometimes there are than two colours, but it's two more often than not.  Not to be confused with holographic which means it reflects rainbow (also looks amazing!)

Below are my favourite duochrome products for eyes, lips and nails.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

OCC Lip Tar Swatches - Reds

OCC Liptar Swatches Reds

OCC's Lip Tars are one of my favourite lip products ever.  They are incredibly versatile and they have SO many shades.  They really have a red/nude/pink to suit everyone, and if you can't find what you want?  Mix it.  Lip Tars are great for MUAs as you can create any custom colour you want, and they're super hygienic.  A little goes a really long way; one of the full-size ones will last you forever, unless you body paint with it or something.

As I have an awful lot of Lip Tars I thought it might be helpful to swatch them in colour groups to help anyone looking to buy some.  I really support the brand too, so hope to get a few people curious about them!

This post ties into the YouTube video I just made in which I show the various OCC Lip Tars on my lips.

You can watch that video here

Friday, 7 August 2015

Top 10 Makeup Brushes Under £10

Top £10 brushes under £10

 Expensive brushes are luxurious; beautiful to look at, feather-soft and often reassuringly weighty in your hand; but most of the time there are cheaper brushes that perform just as well, if not better.  A good brush is not scratchy and needs to be shaped just right to perform the intended task.  
Sure, if you have the money to splurge, go ahead, but I thought I'd run through my favourite affordable brushes.  I have a few higher end brushes and I reach for these ones just as often.

Read on to see the brushes I rate highly.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Topshop Glow Domes - duochrome highlighters

Topshop Glow Domes
Topshop Glow Domes
 I just want to reiterate my title: duochrome highlighters,  Let that sink in.  Yes, it's as good as it sounds.  Admittedly,  if your thing is the natural look you might want to pass these by, but if you like something a bit different or want a festival look, then these are the thing for you!

I just adore anything duochrome (post on my favourites coming soon) so as soon as I saw these on Fashionicide's blog I knew I had to make them mine.  They do no disappoint.  Topshop say that these are inspired by their Chameleon shadows, which I LOVE (blog post here) but these are cream as opposed to powder.

I have mainly used these to highlight by layering them under a blush, usually using a mixture of both colours.  They also work great as an inner corner highlight or just dabbed in the centre of the lid.

Read on for some close-ups.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

A Palette A Day - Week 4

A Palette A Day Week 4
A Palette A Day Week 4
Week 4 of my Palette A Day challenge for January ended up being another neutral-based week, no particular reason.  As I've already said, the aim of the challenge was to use palettes I had forgotten about and possibly even didn't like very much.  Sometime I would come across a palette that has no highlight shade or no transition shade but I would still only use that palette.

Without further ado, here are the looks from week 4 and which shades I used in each palette.