Tuesday, 19 August 2014

High Impact Makeup in a Hurry

Sometimes life gets a bit hectic and I have less time than usual to do my makeup.  That doesn't mean that I want to do the usual 5 or 10 minute face though.  If I'm not in work then I definitely want to do something colourful and fun.  In these instances I tend to turn to either eye liner or eyebrows to make the impact.  I don't have time for lots of shading or getting the perfect outline with a bold lip colour.  This was particularly true of last week when I was away sleeping in a field and didn't have a whole lot of brushes with me.

The following looks don't use many products and are all quick, especially if you're a dab hand at liquid eye liner.

UD Darkside, Deep End and Stage Dive
This is an all Urban Decay look. The eye shadow is Darkside from the Naked 3 palette.  The glitter is Stage Dive Heavy Metal on top of Deep End 24/7 pencil.

Collection also do some really great and affordable glitter eyeliners.

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, Anastasia In The Pink Hypercolor

I am a big fan of a coloured brow.  this one was achieved with NYX  Jumbo Pencil in Milk to provide a sticky base. On top of that is Anastasia Beverly Hills In The Pink Hypercolor Hair Powder.  The black eyeliner is the MUA Luxe Felt Liner.

My favourite products for coloured brows are gel or cream liners as they have a lot of pigment and the liner coats the hairs really well. Inglot AMC liners are the bomb!

Blue Milk and Smog
 Excuse the bad quality of this photo please! Front-facing phone camera while camping.  A quick, traditional winged liner look can be jazzed up with dots, squiggles or contrasting colours. The metallic brown liquid eyeliner is Urban Decay's Smog.  The fun blue dots are Limecrime's Uniliner in Blue Milk.

 I layered Limecrime Blue Milk on top of Citreuse.  The black liner is Urban Decay 24/7 liquid eyeliner in Perversion. 
Limecrime's Unliners are really bright and colourful but the liner does tend to crack once dry and you can feel the skin go a bit tight, like above. Sleek eyeliners are a great alternative.

These a just some of the looks I've done recently when I've been short of time.  What are your go-to looks when you're in a hurry?


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