Sunday, 1 February 2015

The beginning of Debu(t)ary: SteamCream - Winter face Rescue


Unfortunately I've not been able to blog much in January.  I had flu for a while and there was a death in the family  To make up for this I'm going to be posting a lot more in February, albeit with slightly shorter posts perhaps.  For the whole month I'll be showcasing items I've bought in the last month or so; ones that are either new out or just new to me and the blog.  I'm going to call this series

To start off, let me show what has been saving my face in the cold weather.
I heard of SteamCream a few years ago when I received one in my Glossy Box but I used it inconsistently as I had plenty of moisturisers on the go.  This winter I trekked to my local Tesco which has a new, re-vamped beauty section and lo-and-behold, they now stock SteamCream.

The award-winning cream comes in a tin, in a selection of designs.  The one I had previously was a limited edition Brugge (Bruges) one with a lace pattern, designed by Mako Kikkawa.  Considering I didn't get to choose the design myself I was really pleased with it as we went on honeymoon to Bruges and even visited a lace museum.  I currently have the Sweet Memories pink flowery tin.  There's a whole host of designs to choose from, with access to older ones on sites like Amazon

SteamCream is suitable for face, hands and body.  I am loving it for my face at the moment.  It is very rich but it absorbs into my skin really quickly and is a great base for makeup.  It smells herbally, with lavender coming through quite strongly but I don't notice the smell once it is rubbed in.  I know some people are sensitive to lavender oil and so you might want to patch test it before using it all over your face.  I do think it's best to avoid your eye area with this cream; I keep clear of my eyes by at least an inch to avoid my eyes tearing up.

Other ingredients include oatmeal (which I know is great for skin conditions like eczema), cocoa butter, orange flower water, almond oil and jojoba oil.  The ingredients are mixed together with stream, hence the name.  This technique makes the cream very light and apparently lets the ingredients sink into your skin more effectively.
It is handmade in the UK and Japan 

SteamCream retails for £12.95 which I think it great value seeing as you get 75ml.  I've found that I need to use very little each time and my face doesn't dry out during the day.   I think in warmer weather I may need to blot my face between using the cream and applying makeup.

Have you tried SteamCream?  What are you using on your skin in this cold weather?


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