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Bonfire Night Eye Look - plus Fall/Autumn tag

Bonfire Night glittery makeup and fall autumn tag

Forget Halloween, I'm all about Bonfire Night.  It's always been my favourite night of the whole year.  It's always truly cold by then and is often the first outing of the scarf and gloves...and long socks and extra t-shirts and sometimes even a hat.  Growing up we had some really great public firework shows.  Childhood fireworks often seem so much bigger and better but the display I've been to for the last few years has actually rivalled those memories!

For those who don't know, Bonfire Night (or Guy Fawkes night) is the 5th November.  It's remembering the foiled attempt of Guy Fawkes and co. to blow up the houses of parliament in 1605.
It's always struck me as a pretty weird thing to celebrate (especially 400 years later) but I love it regardless.  It's a great excuse to have lots of fireworks and the occasional bonfire (it's been yearrrrs since I had a bonfire).  In my teens I used to host a house party every Bonfire Night after the local show.  Many fond memories.

I love to wear really sparkly, glittery makeup because I think it looks particularly good at night, especially with the fireworks glinting off it.  My local firework display is early this year, on Halloween actually, so I've started thinking about what I'll wear earlier than usual (yes, I ocassionally plan makeup looks well in advance).

Bonfire Night glittery makeup and fall autumn tag

Read on to see what I used and to read my tag answers.


Illamasqua Hydra Veil
Kat Von D Lock-It foundation mixed with
Illamasqua Skin Base foundation
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
Ben Nye Luxe Powder Cameo

Sleek blush Antique
Milani Baked Blush Luminoso
Illamasqua Gleam Aurora
Aromaleigh highlighter Solanum Dulcamara

Bonfire Night glittery makeup and fall autumn tag


Urban Decay Primer Potion
Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean, Wisteria
Illamasqua Courtesan, Can Can
Sugarpill Poison Plum
Phee's Makeup Tips Iris
Aromaleigh Hapalochlaena Lunulata

Urban Decay Shadow Pencil Midnight Cowboy
Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Yeyo
MAC Acrylic Paint Black Black
Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter liners Midnight Cowboy, Baked
ELF glitter liner Stardust
Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara

Bonfire Night glittery makeup and fall autumn tag


Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Lolita, Agatha

Bonfire Night glittery makeup and fall autumn tag

I was tagged a few weeks ago by Gul Zehra  to do the I Love Fall tag.  I was a bit overwhelmed by the Youtube and Blog world being full of this tag so I didn't rush to do it.  Bonfire Night sums up everything I love about Autumn so I thought this was the perfect time to finally do this tag.

Favourite Autumn lip product?
I don't have different favourites for different times of the year really, but at the moment I'm really enjoying Melt Shady Lady and Dark Room mixed.

Favourite drink for Autumn?
My current favourite is Whittard's Apple and Elderflower loose infusion but that's about to run out so I guess I should find another favourite.

Favourite Autumn nail polish?
Ummm I've been wearing Illamasqua Monogamous a lot recently.  It's quite boring I guess but it makes my stubby little fingers look longer.

Favourite Autumn candle?
Anything sweet and spicy!

Haunted hay ride, haunted house or haunted corn maze?
None of them, Bonfire Night! Yeah!

Favourite scarf/accessory for Autumn?
I have lots of big scarves from India that I'll rotate through for the next few months.  
I wish I was a hat person but they just don't suit me.

Favourite sweets?
Anything foamy and/or sour.

Your favourite horror movie?
I generally do not like horror films at all but I do have a love/hate relationship with the first Silent Hill film.

Favourite blush for Autumn?
Sleek Antique or Illamasqua Kiss perhaps.

Favourite thing about Autumn?
Bonfire Night, of course.  Being cold and having to wrap up.  Scarves, boots, gloves, candles, crunchy leaves.
And the fact that my cats want to cuddle more!

I'm not going to tag anyone because by this point I think everyone's done it!

Bonfire Night glittery makeup and fall autumn tag

Bonfire Night Checklist

*Big cosy scarf

*Gloves or mittens



*Over-priced chips or doughnuts or whatever is being sold near your display

*Umbrella, just in case :-(

*A flask of tea or hot chocolate

What's your favourite thing about Bonfire Night?


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