Thursday, 16 July 2015

A palette a day - week 2

A palette a day challenge
A palette a day challenge
If you saw my Palette A Day post last week you'll know that each day in July I'm using a different eye shadow palette, each day picking out one at random.  I'm using solely those shadows, no others.
It's a way for me to use ones I've forgotten about or ones I find tricky to use and so avoid.

Below are the looks from each day, along with which shadows I used.  As you can see, I was drawn to pinks and purples again this week.


The Balm - Balm Voyage
Monday's pick was The Balm's Balm Voyage palette, one that I like but always forget about.  I made the look centred on my favourite colours from the palette; the aqua and the dark teal.  Blue and green should never be seen?  Nonsense!


Urban Decay - Electric
I love this palette!  It's the Urban Decay Electric palette, a great one for colour-lovers.  It's a bad photo, I know, sorry.  I chose to use Freak, the pale shimmery green, as my transition colour which made a few odd combination with the purple Urban beneath it.  I don't totally dislike it though.


Illamasqua - Paranormal
Illamasqua - Paranormal
I love the colours of the Illamasqua Paranormal colours and the way they look on the skin but they're fairly difficult to use.  They're silicone based so sort of apply like a cream shadow.  They crease on me quite badly and don't mix too well with powders.  I used all 4 colours and am fairly pleased with it.


Saucebox - Forbidden Fruits
Saucebox - Forbidden Fruits
You might think a palette of just berry tones is difficult to work with but Saucebox Forbidden Fruits palette has a mixture of textures and so the mattes can really ground a look.  
I knew I'd like this look so I filmed a tutorial of it.


Melt Cosmetics - Lovesick stack
Melt Cosmetics - Lovesick stack
Rather than in traditional palette form, the Melt Cosmetics Lovesick quad comes in a magnetic stack form.  I love it though I don't think it would work a large collection of shades.  This was definitely my favourite look of the week.  Sometimes I have difficulty making a cohesive look with these 4 shades but that day it all just came together and looked great.  The eyeliner is MAC Superslick liner in Marked for Glamour.

Saturday I was at IMATS so didn't stick to one palette...which didn't end very well for me.  My hay fever was at it's worst and so my eye shadow was destroyed within minutes of being applied.  Fail.


Too Faced - Joy to the Girl
Too Faced - Joy to the Girl
First off, I know, the palette is suck a mess!  I've depotted a few shades into a Z Palette.  I decided to limit myself to just the shades left in it and went for this peach-into-aqua look that I think I managed to pull off.  It's the look I'm wearing in my IMATS haul video.

I'll be back to a better routine of blogging soon.  As I've just gotten into the world of videos I'm spending a lot of time learning how to edit and admit it's encroaching into time for everything else, oops!

Coming up soon are posts on my favourite makeup books, a very cheap brand and possibly....a giveaway! 

Is there any makeup item you have so many of that you end up neglecting lots?
Would you try any of these looks?


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