Thursday, 18 September 2014

Halo Eyes with Step-By-step

Halo eye with Sugarpill
Halo eyes are quite a big trend at the moment, at least on Instagram.  It was only recently that I learnt the name for it. It's essentially having your darker shades in the inner and outer corners with your lighter colour in the middle.  It's a really interesting look and works really well with matte or shimmer, neutral or colour.  A word of warning; the darker colours you use, the more tired it can make you look.  It's also not particularly flattering if you have close-set eyes (like me! But I don't care). 

I'm going to show you how I got the above look, as well as showing some alternative halo looks.

1.  I primed my lid using Urban Decay original Primer Potion.

2. Using Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Ransom I lined both waterlines and into the roots of my lashes.  Normally I wouldn't line right into the inside corner but for this look you do want it to be dark there so it's okay.

3. I used Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Disobey in my crease and just above so that the colour added later would blend out well.

4. I applied Sugarpill's 2am with a small blending brush to the inner and outer corner, trying to leave the inner third bare.  It doesn't matter in this particular look if you bring the colour too far in as I'm adding a fairly opaque pigment later.  In other looks it might be more important to keep the middle third clean.

5. I darkened the inner and outer corners further using Sugarpill Poison Plum and Urban Decay Freakshow. I also brought these colours under my lower lashes.  Blend, blend, blend.

6.  I mixed Sugarpill Goldilux pigment with ELF Lock & Seal, placing it in that centre third and under the lash line.

7. I didn't want the gold to have a harsh line so I used the pigment dry to blend it out into the purple a bit.

8.  I used MAC Acrylic Paint in Black Black to line and Too Faced Better than Sex mascara too finish it off.

I think this look would have also looked great with some gold glitter in the middle instead/as well.

I created the following, more subtle, halo eye using the Naked 2 palette.  I think the shades I used were Suspect and Pistol in the corners with Verve in the centre and Tease to blend.
Naked 2 halo eye

Naked 2 halo eye

As I said earlier, this style looks great matte as well.  Inspired by Ahitsrosa I used Sugarpill Taco, Dollypop and 2am for this look.  (Yucky end-of-day photos here)

Sugarpill halo eye
Sugarpill halo eye

Here's another matte, colourful look using Sugarpill Buttercupcake, Acidberry and Midori.

Sugarpill halo eye
Sugarpill halo eye
I hope that was helpful or interesting to some of you.  Is it a look you will be trying?  What colour/texture combinations do you think it would be great with?


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