Saturday, 13 September 2014

OCC Unknown Pleasures and Dune Collections

L-R Covet, Technopagan, Manhunter

My cold sore is finally gone and I am able to do lip swatches again, yay.  I'm really excited to be sharing my most recent Lip Tars with you.  Lip Tars are probably my favourite makeup product of all time and the two most recent collections have been full of really beautiful colours.  The latest collection, Unknown Pleasures has colours as awesome as its name (after a Joy Division album!) and is following autumn trends.  I'm also sharing what I've got from their summer collection, Dune, which are all Stained Gloss lip tars and are sci-fi influenced.

Unknown Pleasures lip tars
Unknown Pleasures features three intensely dark colours and three more traditionally 'wearable' colours.  I chose Covet, "buff neutral", Technopagan "blackened purple with blue pearl metallic"  and Manhunter "red orange with gold shimmer metallic".  The metallic forumla seems to have changed a bit (I have most of the other metallics); it is now less runny so is really easy to create a good outline with and it doesn't bleed at all. 
Covet, Technopagan, Manhunter
Out of the three, I've worn Technopagan the most.  It is really unlike anything else I own or have seen.  It's a perfect burple (blue/purple). With blue lips you always get the odd "dead" comment but I tell people I've been kissing a Smurf.  Manhunter is a beautiful warm red and I feel comfortable wearing it day to day.  Covet, worn alone, doesn't suit me at all but I knew that would be the case before I bought it.  However, it's a great addition to my kit, for warmer-toned skin and it mixes really well with my other nude shades, which until now have all been on the pink side.

Covet mixed with Memento

Here are two ways I've used Covet in combination with other lip tars to suit my skin tone.  If you wanted a good nude and are fair or cool-toned then I recommend Lament from the Unknown Pleasures collection.

Covet with Nomad on top

L-R Concubine, Aurora, Dune, Nomad
These are my babies from the Dune collection.  I bought them all at IMATS this summer so they were discounted.  They are all the Stained Gloss formula but like the Metallics, their consistency has changed a bit from the previous colours.  I feel like they've also become a bit thicker and more opaque.  Not a bad thing.

Dune lip tars
Dune "light beige with gold shimmer" is the ultimate lip-layering product.  By itself it doesn't look much but layered over another lip tar or lipstick (preferably matte) it looks stunning. Concubine "pink plum neutral" first came to my attention when Angie raved about it.  It is a very flattering and easy to wear colour.  I like it on its own or over a lip pencil.  Aurora "pink coral" is also really easy to wear and, I'm sure it's because of the name but, seems the perfect Disney princess colour.  Nomad "blackberry with gold shimmer" was used at the OCC demo by Courtney Tichman at IMATS,  She used it over a red but I can't remember if it was a lip tar or one of their colour pencils.  It looked stunning so I really wanted to have it, despite how brown it looked in the tube.  On my lips however it looks more plummy and is great over a nude.
Dune, Concubine, Aurora, Nomad

My love for OCC grows with each collection they put out.  I really loved these two, especially Unknown Pleasures (check out the other dark colours).  Do you have any of the other colours from these collections?  How do those ones compare?
I usually get my lip tars from Love Makeup for £12 as they seem to have the most colour choice in the UK.  Each one comes with a mini OCC lip brush.  It's worth shopping around as they can vary from £11.50 to £14 depending on the website.

BTW there are still plenty of items left in my blog sale found here.