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OCC Lip Tar Swatches - Reds

OCC Liptar Swatches Reds

OCC's Lip Tars are one of my favourite lip products ever.  They are incredibly versatile and they have SO many shades.  They really have a red/nude/pink to suit everyone, and if you can't find what you want?  Mix it.  Lip Tars are great for MUAs as you can create any custom colour you want, and they're super hygienic.  A little goes a really long way; one of the full-size ones will last you forever, unless you body paint with it or something.

As I have an awful lot of Lip Tars I thought it might be helpful to swatch them in colour groups to help anyone looking to buy some.  I really support the brand too, so hope to get a few people curious about them!

This post ties into the YouTube video I just made in which I show the various OCC Lip Tars on my lips.

You can watch that video here

OCC Liptars Red Jealous Rhythm Box

Here are the two 'red' Stained Glosses.  They are far more sheer than the regular Lip Tars and so the colour on the lips is different to how it looks in the tube.  Jealous on the lips is more of a neon orangey pink and Rhythm Box looks like a deep berry pink.

OCC Liptars Red Psycho Stalker NSFW

These three are all the matte/regular formula.  I know many people are disappointed by the regular ones, expecting a liquid to dry formula.  However when it comes to Lip Tars 'matte' just means that they don't contain sparkle.  They remain wet on the lips.  The formula can vary slightly between colours; some look quite glossy on but most look satin once they've settled.

Psycho is a bright orangey red, best for warm-toned skin although it makes my blue eyes really stand out.  Stalker is a blue-based red, a classic pin-up red.  NSFW is a neutral red and should theoretically suit everyone.

OCC Liptars Red Psycho Manhunter Harlot

These are the three brightest of the true reds I'm showing.  Manhunter looks slightly warmer than the other two because of it's golden shimmer.  Harlot has more pink in it than the others and is a tad brighter.

OCC Liptars Red Manhunter Super NSFW Role Play

These are my three metallic red Lip Tars.  Manhunter is the newer formula, which is much thicker than the old ones and so much easier to apply; it bleeds less and you get full on colour straight away. It is a warm red with golden shimmer.  Super NSWF is a fairly warm red with golden shimmer.  Role Play is a cool-toned red with red shimmer.

OCC Liptars Red Super NSFW NSFW

With the names of these you'd expect the base colours to be the same but I don't think that they are.  NSFW is a neutral red whereas the base of Super NSFW looks quite warm, and a lot less pigmented.  The golden shimmer adds to the warm appearance.  Wearing a strong red lip liner all over your lips helps to make Super NSFW look more bold.

OCC Liptars Red NSFW Vintage Role Play

These are the darkest of the reds I have.  You can see that Vintage has a lot more brown in it than the other two, and it more of a burgundy.  Once on the lips (with no reds to compare it to), it looks more of a classic red.

I really hope these swatches help some of you to decide which red Lip Tar to buy from OCC.
You can get them from OCC directly for $18, or from Love Makeup or Cocktail Cosmetics in the UK for £12 to £13 each.  I recommend buying the sets of three Test Tubes (minis) as you'll never finish a large one and you get to try out more colours for almost the same price as one full size.

Please let me know if you'd be interested in reading/watching a Lip Tar tips and tricks type thing.
Which of these Lip Tars would you like to try?


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