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Topshop Glow Domes - duochrome highlighters

Topshop Glow Domes
Topshop Glow Domes
 I just want to reiterate my title: duochrome highlighters,  Let that sink in.  Yes, it's as good as it sounds.  Admittedly,  if your thing is the natural look you might want to pass these by, but if you like something a bit different or want a festival look, then these are the thing for you!

I just adore anything duochrome (post on my favourites coming soon) so as soon as I saw these on Fashionicide's blog I knew I had to make them mine.  They do no disappoint.  Topshop say that these are inspired by their Chameleon shadows, which I LOVE (blog post here) but these are cream as opposed to powder.

I have mainly used these to highlight by layering them under a blush, usually using a mixture of both colours.  They also work great as an inner corner highlight or just dabbed in the centre of the lid.

Read on for some close-ups.


Topshop Glow Dome in Zephyr
Topshop Glow Dome in Zephyr

Zephyr is a peach with pink and gold shimmer, very similar in colours to the Shuffle The Cards Chameleon Glow shadow.

Ugh, that close-up is so beautiful.  I want to rub it all over my face.  Oh wait, I have!  It looks like the surface of a desert planet.  


Topshop Glow Dome in Galactic
Topshop Glow Dome in Galactic

Galactic is  a reddish purple with pink and blue shimmer, similar to the Wax & Wane shadow.  It looks quite dark on my cheeks so I like it with a light pink blush over the top of it.

Now, the swatches.  They are everything I hoped they'd be.

L-R: Zephyr, Galactic

Topshop's makeup line is still fairly small, and only 5 years old, and yet they manage to bring out some pretty unique products.  Even more impressive given their reasonable prices; these Glow Domes are £9 each and are available to buy here as well as in store.

Are these something you'd pick up?  And if so, how would you want to use them?


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