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OCC Lip Tar Swatches - Pinks

Pink OCC Lip Tars

If you saw my last Lip Tar post you'll know that I'm going through all of my Lip Tars in colour groups, with lip swatches on my YouTube channel, and arm swatches on my blog.  It's primarily to help anyone interested in buying these shades, as I know when I started off buying them I researched similar colours a lot.  I think a lot more people will purchase OCC Lip Tars now that they've been released in RTW (Ready To Wear) form, which is in a hard tube with a doe foot applicator.  This means you no longer have to take a separate lip brush around with you when you want to reapply.

I think Lip Tars are wonderful, which is why I have so many of them.  For professionals they are great in your kit as they're hygienic and easy to mix to create custom shades.  For the makeup fan they're highly collectable as they come in so many colours and the options are endless when you start mixing the different finishes.  You also only need to use the tiniest bit for opaque cover; a full tube will last ages!
No matter what type of colour you're looking for there will be a Lip Tar shade to suit you!

Anyway, here is my pink Lip Tars video and read on for side-by-side swatches.

OCC Lip Tars L-R Hedonist, Lovecraft, Digitalis, Narcissus
OCC Lip Tars L-R Hedonist, Lovecraft, Digitalis, Narcissus

 Here are the softer pinks all together.  Hedonist is a Stained Gloss, so sheerer that the others and more glossy in appearance.  The Stained Glosses aren't at all sticky, so need reapplying maybe every 2-3 hours. I tend to wear the Stained Glosses on top of another Lip Tar or lip liner.  Hedonist is a pale, cool-toned pink.
Lovecraft is a metallic cool-toned pink.  When I wear it I can feel glitter in it on my lips when I rub them together.
Digitalis is a neutral, dusky pink; very pretty on and would probably suit most people.  Regular/matte formula.  I always think their Matte label is quite misleading as they don't dry down and look more satin on the lips.  
Narcissus is a warm rosey pink.  Matte/regular formula.

OCC Lip Tars L-R Lovecraft, Yaoi
OCC Lip Tars L-R Lovecraft, Yaoi

These are my two metallic pinks. 
Lovecraft, as mentioned above.
Yaoi is a metallic hot pink and looks really good on.  Despite a similar appearance, I think the particles feel less obvious on the lips.

OCC Lip Tars L-R Femme, Divine, Narcissus, Aurora, Trollop
OCC Lip Tars L-R Femme, Divine, Narcissus, Aurora, Trollop

 These are my warmer pinks.
Femme is a bright milky pink, just on the warm side.  I find this an incredibly difficult shade to wear, and the formula of mine is slightly runnier so it settles in the lines of my lips. Regular/matte.
Divine is a pink I really like, despite it being fairly similar to Femme.  I do have to pair it with a slightly deeper pink liner though. Regular/matte.
Narcissus, as above, the coolest of these five.
Aurora is a Stained Gloss, but it pretty opaque by itself.  A warm rosy colour, it's very flattering, I really like to throw this one on if I'm going for a simple look or don't have much time.
Trollop is very similar in colour to Aurora, just a smidge deeper and more opaque, lasts longer on the lips. Matte/regular.

OCC Lip Tars L-R New Wave, Anime, Nylon, Pretty Boy, Queen
OCC Lip Tars L-R New Wave, Anime, Nylon, Pretty Boy, Queen

 New Wave is a Stained Gloss, but more translucent than Hedonist or Aurora.  It's a glassy neon pink.
Anime is your classic bright pink colour. Matte/regular.
Nylon is brighter and has more white in it than Anime or Pretty Boy.  Cool-toned, matte/regular.
Pretty Boy is slightly deeper and cooler than Anime.  Regular/matte.
Queen is one of my favourites.  Warmer than Anime but not quite a coral.  Matte/regular.

OCC Lip Tars L-R Yaoi, Nylon
OCC Lip Tars L-R Yaoi, Nylon
I thought I'd also show you that Nylon and Yaoi are pretty similar in shade, though obviously Yaoi is metalllic.

So far, only 25 of the Lip Tar shades are available in RTW form.  If you would prefer a RTW Lip Tar to a regular soft tube one, the pink shades available in RTW form that I've featured in this post are:
Digitalis, Narcissus, Femme, Queen and Anime.

I really hope that's helpful if you're looking to buy a pink OCC Lip Tar.

My post on red OCC Lip Tars.

Do you have any of these pinks?  Do you think you'd prefer the new RTW version of Lip Tars?

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