Sunday, 20 July 2014

Making Rubanesque Work

MAC Rubanesque Pro Longwear Paint Pot
I have been in love with MAC's  Rubanesque Paint Pot for years, swatching it on my hand almost every time I went in store and no doubt annoying all of the employees.  It is a beautiful shimmery peachy gold which changes with the light.  I knew I would love it but I just put off buying it every time...until April.  I got it home, so excited to try it for the first time but boy was I disappointed.  While the pigmentation was okay and it was definitely still pretty it was quite lack-lustre.  It did not look how it does in the jar.
And so began the mission to make it look amazing!

I think I've finally found the perfect combination.  The key to it is MAC's Melon Pigment.  It is basically Rubanesque in powder form and absolutely stunning.  I also used NYX Jumbo Pencil in Sparkle Nude to make it all really shine.

The photo below shows from left to right: 1) Rubanesque by itself 2) Rubanesque on top of Sparkle Nude and 3) Sparkle Nude, then Rubanesque, finished with Melon.

 I think it was well worth the experimentation to bring the best results out of the Paint Pot.  I'm really glad it won't be relegated to the back of the draw after all those years of longing for it.

The following photos show those 3 products in combination with a tiny bit of shading in the crease with The Balm's C4.

Do you know of any other ways of making Rubanesque work? Or have you gone to a similar effort to make something else look as good as it does in the pan/pot?