Monday, 20 October 2014

Cargo Vintage Escape Palette Swatches & Review

I heard about Cargo from Tati on YouTube and just assumed it was another US brand that we just couldn't get our hands on here in the UK.  One day, making my rounds of my local Debenhams beauty hall, I strayed a little further than usual and lo-and-behold found a small Cargo Cosmetics counter.  To my immense pleasure they stocked the Vintage Escape palette which Tati was raving about last autumn/winter.

The name combined with the colours make me think of my friend's b&b on the edge of Dartmoor where I quite often go this time of the year to get away.  The shades perfectly capture a walk through the countryside, with dying Autumnal leaves and a grumpy looking sky.

The palette's packaging is nothing special to look at, just mock leather with the logo.  It has a magnetic closure and a decent sized mirror.

It contains 12 beautiful shadows, mainly warm-toned.  There's enough variety to create simple but stunning washes-of-colour to deep, dramatic smoky looks.

Each eye shadow is 0.8g so you get a total of 9.6g of product.  I went through my other palettes and the only other ones with the same size pans were my Urban Decay Vice and Vice 2 palettes.  It's on the smaller end of the spectrum but as someone who hardly ever hits pan that doesn't bother me.

Vintage Escape palette with day-light bulb
The following swatches are taken in natural light. 

Harvest Moon, Cuddle, Hot Cocoa, Crisp
Clockwise from top left: Harvest Moon, Cuddle, Hot Cocoa, Crisp
 Harvest Moon is a satin neutral beige and my go-to highlight.  Cuddle is a shimmery light pink and reminds me of Guava from Laura Mercier.  Crisp is hard to describe but I think it is a pale gold/pink duochrome.  It's one of my favourite colours, amazing around the tear duct or right in the centre of the lid.  Hot Cocoa is a matte medium brown with great opacity.

Frolic, Cinnamon, Withered Leaves, Autumn
Clockwise from top left: Frolic, Cinnamon, Withered Leaves, Autumn
 I love Frolic, it's probably the colour I get the most wear from.  It's a shimmery taupey-brown.  Cinnamon is a rich shimmery bronze.  Withered Leaves is the most unique colour in the palette and I don't think I have any dupes for it.  It's a shimmery olive green with some brown in it.  Autumn is a matte warm brown.  I like to mix it with Hot Cocoa for my transitional colour.

Twigs, Black Crow, Chestnut, Rustic
Clockwise from top left: Twigs, Black Crow, Chestnut, Rustic
 Twigs is a shimmery slate grey and the only real cool-toned shade.  On a side note, what a strange name, surely 'twigs' would better suit one of the brown shades!  Black Crow is a satin black.  While not the most pigmented black ever it certainly does the job.  I've been using it with a push-liner brush to emphasise my upper lash line.  Chestnut is a matte dark brown and Rustic is a shimmery brown, warmer and darker than Cinnamon.

The above swatches taken with a day light bulb
 The shadows are all of a really good quality, no duds here.  None of the mattes are powdery; they're all soft and I haven't noticed any fall-out throughout the day.  It's a good mixture of mattes and shimmers.  I think it's a great palette and I've already gotten a lot of use from it.  It really stands out from my other neutral palettes.

The palette isn't available on the Debenhams website anymore though it is still in store.  It is £35 there but I've also found it on Amazon and Ebay for £20.

Coming up next is a 5 Looks post using the Vintage Escape palette.  The above look used Harvest Moon, Crisp, Autumn, Frolic and Black Crow.

The Vintage Escape palette is my only Cargo purchase so far.  Have you tried anything by Cargo Cosmetics?  Any recommendations?


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