Monday, 6 October 2014

New UK Maybelline Color Tattoos?

Maybelline Color Tattoo Vintage Plum, Creamy Beige

Since the Maybelline Color Tattoos first came out I have been jealous of America's selection of permanent and limited edition colours that just never make it over here.  I regularly check the Maybelline stand to see if there are any new shades and last week I struck lucky.  I found these two, Vintage Plum and Creamy Beige which were part of the 5-piece Leather Effect collection in America.
A few months ago I saw the sticker for a colour Nude Pink in both Booths and Superdrug but either they never stocked the colour or they had a very small supply of it that must have run out straight away (once I saw the sticker I was checking every day.  They're really lacking a nude shade in the UK).  I don't know if this is the same sort of thing and I just picked the right day or whether there will be more of these.  I don't know if they're UK permanent or not.  Let me know if you've found them!

Vintage Plum, Creamy Beige

Vintage Plum is a matte light purple/grey, very similar to Permanent Taupe/Tough as Taupe but pinker.  It benefits from warming a little as it can apply a bit patchy.  

Vintage Plum

Creamy Beige has a matte pale brown base with some shimmer running through it.  I don't think the shimmer transfers to skin that much, it still makes an excellent base for matte shadows.  The only other brown shade in the UK is On and On Bronze/Bad to the Bronze which is metallic and deeper, less warm.

Creamy Beige

 I'm showing the pots once swatched as the texture shows the shimmer in Creamy Beige a bit better.

Vintage Plum, Creamy Beige

Not really sure where the Leather Effect comes in, maybe just because they are matte? I really like them though, they make a good addition to the current UK shades so I really hope they are permanent.

Leather Effect
Vintage Plum, Creamy Beige
 This is Creamy Beige applied as a base.  It doesn't look too shimmery.  I like to blend it out quite far as it makes for a really good transition colour.

They were both £4.99 in Boots and are still shown on their website (along with 4 other shades I've never actually seen), although currently 'out of stock.'

Will you be picking these shades up, if they are permanent?


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