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OCC Creme Colour Concentrate in Discipline

OCC Creme Colour Concentrate in Discipline

Meet Discipline, a Creme Colour Concentrate by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (CCC and OCC respectively from now on).  It's a multi-tasking product, with most of the shades in the range being suitable for use on eyes, lips or cheeks.  This particular colour is described as 'bruised bronze' on the OCC site.  I would say it is a pearlised warm brown.

This product was an informed buy rather than the usual spontaneous purchase.  It came very highly recommended by Phee of Phee's makeup Tips.  I always find her makeup looks inspiring but so many of her eye looks I liked turned out to be using this product.

OCC Creme Colour Concentrate in Discipline

It is an incredibly smooth product, very creamy.  It glides on and then dries down slightly once on.  It blends out really well, aided by the warmth in your skin.  I have another CCC in the shade John Doe, a matte pale taupe which I use to contour.  Discipline blends out a lot easier, probably because of the metallic finish.

OCC Creme Colour Concentrate in Discipline

So far I only braved this shade on my eyes.  I think if you had much darker skin than me it could be quite interesting on your cheeks, though I think I'll probably try that at some point just for fun.

I have quite oily eyelids so I do find this CCC creases on me, it doesn't dry down quite so much as the Maybelline Color Tattoos.  I've been using it on top of primers such as the Urban Decay Primer Potion which makes it stay put.  Discipline makes a great all-over shade,as well as being a great base for pigments as they stick to the texture of it really well.

OCC Creme Colour Concentrate in Discipline

Like all OCC products, the CCCs are completely vegan and cruelty-free.  The CCCs are full of good ingredients like aloe and cocoa extract as well as vitamin E.

I look forwards to trying one of the CCCs.  If you're interesting in the products then check out Sstrazzere on Instagram, she uses a lot of them in really inspiring way including full-on face painting.

I have Discipline in the old packaging.  Recently the CCCs got re-released in a compact rather than a screw-top.  In the new packaging they contain 8.5g compared to 8g in the old.

OCC Creme Colour Concentrate in Discipline

Not a deciding factor on the product but can I just add that I love it when an American company uses the spelling colour instead of color.  Just saying.

I bought Discipline on Love Makeup.  They are £15.50 full price but I'm pretty sure I got mine during a sale.  You can also get it on the OCC site for $23.

Do you have any multi-use products that you only ever use in one way?


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