Friday, 13 March 2015

What difference does makeup make?

What difference does makeup make?

I am starting a series on my blog where I look at what it is exactly that each makeup product does; what difference it makes to the face.  

My journey with makeup was very gradual.  I started off wearing only eyeliner, then concealer as my skin got worse during the teens and bit-by-bit adding other items as I learnt what they could do for me (see the journey here).  I'm by no means saying that each item is necessary, I'll merely be showing before and after pictures so you can see what how I look with and without the products.

 Read on for the first before and after photos.
I'm hoping this series will be interesting for beginners, or those who just have stuck to the old faithfuls for years without considering switching things up.

Some products just enhance other ones.  So as I said, I used to wear lots of black eyeliner and sometimes black lipstick, and there's nothing wrong with that.  However, my skin was quite bad at the time and I did nothing to help it, which rather detracted from the overall look.  Similarly really well made-up eyes can look quite odd without any mascara or brow grooming.

What difference does makeup make? Before photo.

Above is me sans makeup.  My skin is quite red and scarred and I have blemishes.  My eyebrows are quite thick but not even and my eye lids are not the same shape.

I must point out that I use makeup, first and foremost, because I enjoy it.  I love the indulgence of time set aside to put it on.  I love the creativity and how different I can make myself look every day.  However it does also have the bonus of hiding some of my 'flaws'.

Below are a few photos from the last week showing a range of looks, from quite natural (for me), to drag-inspired.  Makeup allows me to even out my skin and my brows and distract from my wonky eyes.

What difference does makeup make? After photos

Over the next few weeks I plan to show the difference made on the face by foundation, concealer, brow products, mascara, blush, contour, bronzer, lipstick and maybe a few more.

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Are there any products you don't feel it necessary to use?  For me it would be bronzer; while I can use it and do have a few, I just prefer myself without it.


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