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My Favourite Makeup Geek Products

My Favourite Makeup Geek products

If you've read only a handful of my blog posts you'll probably have already realised that I'm head over heels for Makeup Geek.  A few months ago I even had Makeup Geek Week on here!
My latest YouTube video is all about my favourite products from Marlena's line, with swatches.

Read on to see some close-up swatches of my very favourite shades.

My Favourite Makeup Geek products
In the same order as the photo above

Here are 3 of my favourites from the Foiled Shadow range.  It was hard to pick out just a few as I really love all of them.  
Magic Act is a metallic cream with glints of gold.
Houdini is a fabulous teal with hints of petrol blue and green.
Jester is an olive green with gold running through it.

Makeup Geek Foiled shadows magic Act, Houdini, Jester
L-R Magic Act, Houdini, Jester

These are some of my favourite Makeup Geek shadows from my coloured Z Palette (I have 3; neutral, colours and foiled).  I love all of them so to be honest these are the ones that caught my eye on the day, though these do get a lot of use.
Bitten is a matte burgundy and goes with pretty much everything.
Chickadee is a matte warm orange and is great as a transition colour.
Pixie Dust is this great metallic chartreuse.
Peacock is a matte deep teal.
Poppy is a warm, very bright, orangey red/reddy orange.  Great for blending out a black smokey eye.

Makeup Geek shadows L-R Bitten, Chickadee, Pixie Dust, Peacock, Poppy
L-R Bitten, Chickadee, Pixie Dust, Peacock, Poppy

These next few are some of my favourite neutrals.  I'm such a muppet; when I wa re-swatching these for the photos I forgot to swatch Cocoa Bear, which I show in the video.  This post has got to be up today and it's too dark for photos now.  D'oh!  Sorry.
Cocoa Bear (not pictured) is a warm medium brown.  Great with everything.
Taupe Notch is a satin deep taupe.  A great all-over shade for cool-toned skin.
Preppy is a cool brown with a green tinge.  Great with khakis and deep greens.
Rockstar is a metallic pale grey with pink reflects.  Beautiful as an inner corner highlight or centre of a halo eye.

Makeup Geek shadows L-R Taupe Notch, Preppy, Rockstar
L-R Taupe Notch, Preppy, Rockstar

These last 3 are some of my Makeup Geek pigments.  These swatches are dry with no primer.  Foil these babies and it takes it to a whole new metallic level!
Liquid Gold is a highly metallic yellowy gold.  Great for a halo eye or accents (I like it dotted around)
Insomnia is your classic green/brown duochrome and is stunning all over the lid.
Utopia is a cool bronzey shade which can look antique gold on the lids. I like it as a spotlight look layered over black.

Makeup Geek pigments L-R Liquid Gold, Insomnia, Utopia
L-R Liquid Gold, Insomnia, Utopia

I'd love to know what some of your favourite Makeup Geek products are!  Let me know in the comments.


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