Sunday, 13 September 2015

OCC Lip Tar Swatches - Nudes

Nude OCC Lip Tars

Next in my OCC Lip Tar series (links to the rest at the bottom) are the Nudes.  Within this loose category I'm put my pinky nudes, beiges, and corals (I'm trying to have roughly the same number of colours in each group for the sake of my lips in the accompanying lip swatch videos).

OCC have so many nudes; they really do have a colour for you, no matter your skin colour!  There is a good selection of warms and cools, lights and darks.  Unfortunately I don't have all of the neutrals to show you but I think this is most of them.

If you want to see each colour worn on me, view the videos below (available in HD if you click through to YouTube).  Here I have swatched the similar colours next to each other for you to compare.  I really hope its helpful!

Nude OCC Lip Tars
L-R Grandma, Electric Grandma

Grandma is a classic coral shade, right in the middle of orange and pink.  It's metallic counterpart Electric Grandma leans more towards of orange, because of the golden shimmer in it.

Nude OCC Lip Tars
L-R Annika, Hush, Memento, Concubine

Here are the four shades that suit me best.  Annika is a warmer than the others, but appears peachy on my rather than orange (phew!).  Memento is my ideal 'my lips but better' shade.  Concubine is a Stained Gloss, so more glossy (d'uh) and slightly less opaque, but very similar in colour to Memento.  Hush is like a more milky version of Memento.  I recommend both of those shades for brides and bridesmaids!

Nude OCC Lip Tars
L-R Interlace, Hush

Interlace and Hush are the two shades in this category that look palest on me.  Hush is more pink and slightly darker than Interlace, which is definitely more beige.

Nude OCC Lip Tars
L-R Interlace, Zhora, Kava Kava, Covet

So here are the warmer nudes together.  Interlace is the lightest and also the least warm.  Zhora is a metallic peach as it has gold shimmer running through it.  I really like this layered over something cooler-toned.  Kava Kava is an orangey peach which, along with the next one, is not at all flattering on me.  Covet, an accidental purchase, is a beige nude and would probably suit warm-toned skin.

Nude OCC Lip Tars
L-R Clockwork, Authentic

Clockwork is apparently a 'burnish orange', I would say it's quite a terracotta colour.  Again, probably more suited for warm-toned skin.  Authentic is a metallic bronzey copper.

Nude OCC Lip Tars
L-R Zhora, Electric Grandma, Authentic

Here are the 3 metallic shades altogether.

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Hope you found this useful!  Let me know what your favourite Lip Tars are down below, or which ones you'd like to try.