Thursday, 19 June 2014

Colourful Cut Crease with Sugarpill

On Saturdays I like to be a bit more colourful that usual as I'm not in work, yay. This is a recent look, which I've called a cut crease for lack of anything else to call it.
I wish I had taken step-by-step photos for this look but I was not planning on making a post about it.  I didn't know just how well it would turn out!  I based it on a look I saw on Instagram that I really did not think I would be able to recreate successfully (unfortunately cannot find the original but if I do I will edit this).  I love the look and thought it would be pretty awesome to give a thumbs up to Sugarpill as they'll have a booth at this year's London IMATS, YES!
...It is so annoying when I don't realise there was a mascara smudge until I see the photos!

I used Urban Decay's original Primer Potion all over as a base.  For the shadows I used the Sweet Heart and Burning Heart palettes from Sugarpill (they're soooo good).  

First I used tape to create a sharp line for the purple.  I find it easier, just in terms of making sure both lines are at the same angle right from the beginning.

I used Tako (white) to highlight under the brow bone and at the outer corner of my upper lid.  I used a large pushliner brush to map out the line at the crease, which really could/should be a lot crisper.  I went light to dark, just wiping the brush on kitchen roll between colours.  I used Flamepoint (orange) in the middle of my lid and on the inner part above the crease.  Dollipop (pink) went on my inner corner of my lid and the middle of the above-crease area. 
Around my tearduct and winged out above the crease I used Poison Plum (purple). To give this a bit of depth I layered the purple with Afterparty (blue). 

After removing the tape I used the shadow underneath my eye going white, orange, pink, purple from the outside.  I lined with the MUA Precision Felt Liner and chose not to wing it out.  I finished with Too Faced's Better Than mascara.

I wish I had done a cleaner job with the blending and definition but I really love these colours together so thought it would be worth posting.

Do you have more makeup fun at the weekends?
What would you have paired these eyes with? I went for Illamasqua's Intense Lipgloss in Shoot (grass green).