Sunday, 22 June 2014

My Top Lip Tars

I have been planning to do a Lip Tar post for ages and I thought now was a great time as there will be an OCC booth at London IMATS this coming Saturday.

Lip Tars are a liquid lipstick made by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.  Unlike most liquid formulas they do not set and so feel more comfortable on.  They come in three types; Matte, Metallic and Stained Gloss. I mainly own Matte ones and while they have no shimmer, I wouldn't say they're matte as they have some shine to them. They have a slight peppermint smell and tingle.  Lip Tars are great for mixing, the formulas blend together perfectly and you can create a limitless amount of shades.  They are my favourite lip product by far.

It was so hard to pick out just five favourites.  I ended up going for ones that I find easiest to wear and go with a lot of looks. 

Zhora is a metallic peach with gold running through it.  It looks quite nude from afar.  I really like this for mixing with other Lip Tars.  A favourite combination of mine is Zhora mixed with New Wave, a bright pink Stained Gloss.  In the first of the full face pictures below I am wearing Zhora over stained pink lips, unlike above.

 Memento is a dusky pink Matte.  It was one of the first Lip Tars I ever bought.  For me it's one of those 'my lips but better' colours.  I can wear this with almost everything.  It makes a great wedding colour too, I used it recently on bridesmaids.
(Sorry about the bit of cotton wool on my lip)

 Ugh I love Lydia so much.  The OCC website describes it as 'darkroom plum'.   I feel a bit more comfortable in a darker lip so I find this to be a plummy neutral on me.  

 I love purple lips.  It was really hard to choose whether to feature Hoochie or Rollergirl.  The latter is slightly cooler.  I've gone with Hoochie because I've had it a long time and worn it an awful lot.  OCC call it 'extreme magenta' image 'magenta' (or any colour for that matter) and you'll see it covers a wide range of purple-pink-red shades.  I think Hoochie is a bright neutral purple.  It's probably the colour I have had the most compliments on.

 Stalker, a blue-based red, is one of the most recent additions to my Lip Tar collection and I'm gutted I did not get it sooner; it is officially "the one" for me when it comes to reds.  It is a typical pin-up red and looks great on my cool skin tone.  It also helps to make teeth look whiter.

Here is a full face photo with each colour.  I kept the eye makeup the same so you could see what difference each Lip Tar makes.  

I sort of dread doing lip-based posts as I really have the worst lips for close ups.  Over 15 years of regular cold sores means I've completely lost my natural lip line, they're a bit of a mess!

What are you favourite lip tars?  I'm really looking forwards to trying some of the shades from their new Dune collection, particularly Aurora and Dune.

My favourite place to buy Lip Tars online is here at