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Makeup Geek Week - Foiled Shadows Part 2

Makeup Geek foiled eye shadows
Makeup Geek foiled eye shadows

I reviewed the first set of ten Makeup Geek Foiled eye shadows here.  They've gotten a lot of use and I really recommend them.  When I saw that a new set of ten were coming out I jumped on them immediately.  Where as the first set contained mainly neutrals, this lot feature a few brights mixed in with some beautiful pastels.  

Foiled shadows are pressed shadows that mimic the effect of applying a pigment wet (foiling).  These ones feel super creamy but are a powder.  These ones look super metallic and are very opaque with one swipe but can be built up to greater effect.  Because they are oilier than a normal shadow they can crease but a good primer and careful placement prevents that.

Read on for swatches and descriptions.

Makeup Geek foiled eye shadows
Makeup Geek foiled eye shadows in daylight.  Click to see bigger
 Top row: Fortune Teller, Untamed, Masquerade, Daydreamer, High Wire
Bottom row: Whimsical, Starry Eyed, Fantasy, Charmed, Pegasus

Fortune Teller is a yellow-based gold
Untamed is a coppery gold.  I love this one, hello bright blue eyes!
Masquerade is a warm-toned purple.  I really like this one, though it is slightly more sheer than the others
Daydreamer is a lavender
High Wire is a bright cool-toned silver
Whimsical is a very pale silvery pink
Starry Eyed is a light champagne
Fantasy is a light mint green
Charmed is a really interesting greenish taupe
Pegasus is a bright aqua

All of them are incredibly shiny and, with the exception of Masquerade, are very pigmented.

Seeing those first 3 colours next to each other really makes me think of Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Anyone else seeing that?

Makeup Geek foiled eye shadows
Makeup Geek foiled eye shadows with flash.  Click to see bigger

I find the best way to apply them is with my fingers as they stick so much better to skin than to brushes, although a small stiff brush can work.  A blending brush won't work well as it won't apply enough product.  
I tend to either dab them into the inner corner or dab onto my mobile lid.  I try not to apply above my crease at all or it can eventually settle into the lines.

I thought I would include a comparison of Fortune Teller foiled shadow with Liquid Gold pigment as they are both yellow golds.  This swatch of Liquid Gold is just swiped dry without primer.  You can see here that swiped wet it is very intense and similar in appearance to Fortune Teller.  You don't really need both but Fortune Teller is definitely more convenient to use as you get opaque coverage without primer and using dry, plus it makes less mess.  Liquid Gold is more easily customisable though, so it really depends on what you want to use the colour for.

Makeup Geek Fortune Teller and Liquid Gold
Top: Fortune Teller foiled eye shadow
Bottom: Liquid Gold pigment dry

All in all, I can't really say a bad work about Makeup Geek's foiled eyeshadows.  Masquerade (and Caitlin Rose from the first set) are more sheer but they can be built up to full opacity quite easily so it's no biggie.  These can instantly make a neutral look suddenly more interesting with just a pop to brighten the inner eye, or as a focus point in a spotlight/halo eye.  You can also use them as a highlighter if you want to be super gleaming (cupid's bow, yes!).  Marlena has posted recently that some more foiled shadows will be released later this summer; I've seen a colour called Gargoyle, which seems to be a greeny grey.  These really are a Pokemon product for me, I want a complete collection.
You can buy the foiled shadows for $9.99 each or $89 for the set here.

I'd love to know your thoughts on these foiled shadows.  Do you have an alternative favourite metallic shadow?  

Tomorrow I'll be ending my Makeup Geek Week posts with a round-up of my eye looks from the week.

See how I store my Foiled collection in my post here.


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