Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Shaving part of my eyebrows

This post won't be for everyone, or at least the look isn't.  Maybe you're just curious as to why I've done this.  I've been wanting to shave off the tail of my brows for maybe a year so that I can change the shape.  I didn't do it earlier as I was starting work early in the morning and I thought if I was in a rush it might be problematic.  I've left the early mornings behind me so I thought, yes, it is time!

I wanted to shave my eyebrows off completely when I was 14-17 but like with all things, I was too scared. I was worried I would permanently damage my hair in some way and I think I was already concious that there might be photos to haunt me all my life.  Same with black hair, I longed for it but never risked it.  While the desire for black hair is gone, sometimes I'm still tempted to shave all of my brows off so I have complete freedom but I don't think I'll ever do it, partially because I'm too lazy.

Anyway, read on for before and after photos and how I shave the ends of my brows.

My natural, groomed,  eye brows
My natural, groomed,  eye brows
 This is how my brows used to look before shaving.  This is after having trimmed them and the underneath is plucked.  I would sometimes shave the underneath so was already used to the procedure.

Using Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
Using Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
 I smothered the area I wanted to shave with Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream as this provides a nice, slippery surface to shave.  I wouldn't buy the 8 Hour Cream but I received a sample of it and this is the only way I like to use it as I really don't like the smell.  Anything slippery can work, I've used hair conditioner, cleansing oil and even lip balm before.

After shaving
After shaving
 I shave the same way I do anywhere else, upward strokes for a closer shave.  This is how it looks immediately after shaving.  Any redness is gone in about half an hour but I still only do it at night.  I rub what is left of the 8 Hour Cream into the area to help soothe it.

Drawn in brow tail
Drawn in brow tail
Now that I've shaved them I'm usually going for a slightly straighter brow shape and thickening out the middle.  The fun thing is that I can change it every day.  Ha...I realise that it might be quite sad that I consider that fun but I am completely makeup crazed.

Upkeep isn't too bad, I need to shave every 3 or 4 days.  The important thing is that you do shave every time.  It is very tempting to pluck out the regrowth but that could damage the shape of your brows if you grow them back in.

I'm currently using an Eve Pearl Tri-fold Eyebrow Razor as I picked a load of them up at IMATS but they're not easy to get hold of in the UK.  I've also used these cheap ones from Amazon that work fine but not that precise. I have my eye on these Lilibeth one for the future.

I've not managed to get my drawn in tail to look totally natural but I never expected too.  I'm fine with the way it looks but I know it's not to everyone's taste.  I used to be able to get away with just using a brow powder (though often used more), but now I have to use a cream before or the powder has nothing to stick to.  I use either Illamasqua Precision Brow Gel in Strike, Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown or NYX Brow Gel in Medium Brown.  All of them allow me to then use a powder to darken the tail so it blends in better with the rest of my brow.

I hope this post has been informative and helpful for anyone who may be planning to do the same.


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