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Makeup Geek Week - playing with Z Palettes

Makeup Geek plus Z Palettes
Makeup Geek plus Z Palettes
This is a bit of an impromptu post.  It's a case of not having much time for photos today so what would be quick to photograph.  I thought it might be interesting to a few of you to see how I have organised my Makeup Geek shadows.  I have a fair few of these lovelies so the best way to store them is in large palettes where you can see everything.  I had already used Z Palettes before and the Makeup Geek store sells them so it was a no-brainer.

I initially had my collection in one palette, then split neutrals and brights between two, before needing a third for the foiled shadows.

Read on to see my palettes in more detail.
Any non-Makeup Geek shadows are marked with an X.  When I list the colours by row I won't be including the other brands.

I try to organise my shadows into colour groups and usually going from light to dark.  I rearrange them every time I add to the collection.

Makeup Geek Neutrals in Extra Large Z Palette
Makeup Geek Neutrals in Extra Large Z Palette
 I keep my neutrals in an Extra Large Z Palette.  This size can fit 35 Makeup Geek shadows in it, mine contains 33 but of varying size.
First Row: Ice Queen, Vanilla Bean, Rapunzel, Peach Smoothie, Crème Brulee
Second Row: Shimma Shimma, Barcelona Beach, Hipster, Taupe Notch, Brown Sugar, Bada Bing
Third Row: Dirty Martini, High Tea, Preppy, Pretentious, Cocoa Bear, Goddess
Fourth Row: Rockstar, Unexpected, Stealth

Makeup Geek Brights in Large Z Palette
Makeup Geek Brights in Large Z Palette
I keep my brights/non-neutrals in a Large Hot Pink Z Palette.  The large can fit 27 Makeup Geek shadows.
First Row: Shimmermint, Pixie Dust, Shark Bait, Mermaid, Peacock
Second Row: Chickadee, Mango Tango, Poppy, Razzleberry, Burlesque, Envy
Third Row: Bitten
Fourth Row: Cinderella, Wisteria (first formula), Pop Culture, Duchess, Drama Queen

Makeup Geek Foileds in Large Z Palette
Makeup Geek Foileds in Large Z Palette
 My foiled eyeshadows are in a Large Pink Sunrise Z Palette (exclusive to the Makeup Geek store).
First Row: Magic Act, Fortune Teller, Untamed, Flame Thrower, Grandstand, Mermerized, Showtime
Second Row: High Wire, Whimsical, Starry Eyed, In The Spotlight
Third Row: Charmed, Fantasy, Jester, Houdini, Centre Stage, Pegasus
Fourth Row: Day Dreamer, Cailtin Rose, Masquerade

Is it bad that I only needed to check the names of about 4 or 5 of these shadows?  Ooops?

Z Palettes are the perfect carrier for the Makeup Geek shadows.  They are sturdy (although I'd be extra careful when travelling) and I love that you can see in so choose the right one every time.  They range in size from a Small (fits 9 shadows) up to the Extra Large (35) and they recently launched the Double-Sided (2x27).  As well as these three palettes I also have two more which contain Illamasqua and Urban Decay shadows which I have de-potted (more about de-potting here).  Z Palette sell a double-ended spatula just for this job which I highly recommend, bonus as it's super pretty!

You can buy Z Palettes from Makeup Geek, Love Makeup, and Cocktail Cosmetics
and they tend to range between £9 and £35.  They also sell metallic sticker for any shadows you de-pot which aren't magnetic, as well as pans for filling with pressed pigments/lipsticks etc.

I know there are other fill-it-yourself palettes out there but I don't own any of them.  I'd love to know if you have any of the alternatives and what your experience with them is.  I'm not sure I can be swayed from the Z Palette ever as these do the job and look good doing it.

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