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Makeup Geek Week - Pigments

Makeup Geek pigments
Makeup Geek pigments

Makeup Geek are one of my favourite brands ever.  Marlena, a makeup enthusiast and Youtuber, crated the brand because she wanted to see amazing quality products that were affordable, and she really has achieved that!  Despite us UKers having to pay a bit more for shipping, and sometimes a customs fee, the products are still worth it and you get a lot more bang-for-your-buck than you would from, say, MAC.  There seems to be a lot lined up for Makeup Geek in the next few months so I thought now would be a perfect time to showcase the brand.  All this week will be Makeup Geek Week on my blog, and I'll be wearing all Makeup Geek eye shadows (follow on Instagram to see).

To start things off I'm going to show you the 5 pigments that I have from Makeup Geek.  Read on to see more!

Makeup Geek pigments
Makeup Geek pigments Clockwise from top left: New Years Eve, Vegas Lights, Utopia, Insomnia, Liquid Gold

A lot of people don't like pigments/loose eyeshadow because they can be messy and if you don't know the tricks it can be hard to make them look their best.  I personally love them because of the flexibility of them.  They're perfect for making a custom liquid liner, used wet they can add the best metallic finish to a look and you can add them to lip gloss, nail varnish, primer...the list goes on.  You also tend to get a lot of product with pigments, I have never, and probably won't ever, finish one unless I start body painting with them or something like that.

I have 5 of Makeup Geek's 16 pigments.  They are all 1.4g.  The two containers I have with the sifters are slightly bigger but content size is still the same.  You make a lot less mess with sifters so they're quite handy, I believe they all come with sifters now.  They are all $7.99 (£5) except New Years Eve which is currently on sale for $5.99 (£3.80).  They are available to buy here.

New Years Eve is a pale cream with light gold reflective glitter.
Vegas Lights is a very metallic copper with a slightly thicker texture.
Insomnia is a dark brown with teal reflects, similar to MAC Blue Brown pigment.
Liquid Gold is a very metallic gold, much more yellow than Sugarpill's Goldilux
Utopia is tough to describe, sometimes it looks very dark, other times light.  MUG say it is "a mixture of deep brown and antique gold duochrome glitter".  It's beautiful, whatever colour it is!

Makeup Geek pigments
Makeup Geek pigments dry  L-R: New Years Eve, Vegas Lights, Insomnia, Liquid Gold, Utopia

In the above photo the pigments are swatched on their own, dry; no primer or sticky base.  On their own (all pigments) it's hard to get them to look opaque and to get the sheen to come through.  A sticky base (something clear like Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, a cream eyeshadow or an eye pencil) or 'foiling' them (using a wet brush or mixing with a liquid) makes all the difference.  Below I used the Pixie Epoxy, a bit too much of it actually, and look how opaque it makes the pigments.  They look more metallic and any glitter bits stick to your skin rather than going everywhere.

If you're using pigment as an all-over lid colour then I suggest using your blending colour/s first, in your crease and outwards and then applying the pigment on to your lid over a base.  You won't lose any of its vibrancy that way.

Makeup Geek pigments
Makeup Geek pigments over Pixie Epoxy  L-R: New Years Eve, Vegas Lights, Insomnia, Liquid Gold, Utopia

If anyone has the Makeup Geek foiled eyeshadow in Flame Thrower I thought you might want to see a comparison with Vegas Lights pigment.  Both of these are swatched dry with no base; the foiled shadow is on top and you can see that is is more dense and slightly more metallic than the pigment.  If the pigment was used damp I think they would have a very similar finish.  Flame Thrower is slightly warmer than Vegas Lights.

Makeup Geek pigments
Top: Foiled Shadow in Flame Thrower
Bottom: Pigment in Vegas Lights

 Normally I would include some eye looks using the pigments but there shall be plenty of that going on this week and I'll do a round-up blog post with the week's looks so stay tuned.

I really love the MUG pigments, I think they are high quality and comparable to any other ones I have.  They have a good range of neutrals which is good for them as neutrals are always more in demand, plus there are other indie brands that do amazing colourful pigments.  I definitely recommend them and would probably say that my favourites are Utopia and Insomnia.

If you can't wait to see more about Makeup Geek, here are some links to posts I've already done about the brand:


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