Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Back in the Day with Urban Decay

For my first proper post I wanted to do something a bit special and close to my heart.
Urban Decay were the cause of my love affair with makeup.  Until I met their products I only ever wore black eyeliner and black eyeshadow that I applied with a foam applicator.  10 years ago all of that changed when I saw their colourful display in Boots.  Ahhhh I fondly remember there frequently being a 3 for 2 offer on their counter.  Those really were the days.
Seeing as their new Electric palette (officially due out tomorrow although I may already have it) is harking back to their vibrant roots I thought it would be fun to look at some of the first items I bought from the brand.

One of my very first purchases was their first Book of Shadows.  Their palettes have always wowed me by their quality and value for money and this one was no exception.
Excuse the mess, it has been very well loved
I think it is pretty cool that about half of these shades made it to the new formula that came out in the last few years.  My favourites were Midnight Cowboy, Shakedown and Mayhem (I've always been a sucker for a purple eyeshadow).  Once I'd fallen in love with this palette I proceeded to buy pretty much every colour in their Deluxe formula but I won't cover those in this post as they were available until very recently.
L-R Glam Rock, Spandex, Baked, ACDC
The Heavy Metal glitter liners were something I fell for hard, buying 5 of them (those seen above and a teal one that I sadly misplaced).  These saw me safely through many a New Years Eve.  I'm quite interested to see if the new versions of these are any different.  My only complaint with these were the very small amount that came out on the brush, although that can be solved by taking out the insert at the top of the tube.
L-R Liquid Liner in Urban FX and Eyeshadow Transforming Potion
My Urban FX liquid liner was also glittery although the particles were much more fine, and holographic.  I also had this formula in the colour Mildew but for some reason that got binned.  The Transforming Potion was a revelation for me at the time; two brushes, one fine and one thick, that would turn a powder eyeshadow into a liner.  The consistency was quite similar to ELF's Lock & Seal but it sadly always irritated my eyes.
L-R Shattered, Delinquent
Unusually these two products were total fails for me from the first use.  The Loose Eyeshadow in Shattered was not as highly pigmented as I had come to expect.  The Cream Shadow in Delinquent was hard to work with and creased.  
Ah.  This lipstick.  This is the most-used lipstick I've ever owned.  At the time of buying it, it was probably the only lipstick I had and used it almost every day along with the gloss I bought at the same time (the Ultraglide gloss in Quiver, since discarded).  The mid-toned sparkly pink was perfect.  It was manhandled so much the sword-hilt bottom snapped off.  I really loved the formula of these lipsticks and later bought another 4 (Naked, Oil Slick, Requiem and Voodoo).
James Pocket Rocket
Another fail, my Pocket Rocket gloss in James looked okay (a sheer, warm pink with faint blue shift) but I almost never wore it due to the smell.  It was supposed to smell of butterscotch but to me it smelled really disgusting.  I was also a bit too embarrassed to use it in public with the semi-nude man on the top.

Other old Urban Decay favourites of mine from the time were the Big Fatty mascaras which I think I owned in every colour.  I also started to grow my collection of 24/7 Glide-on Pencil Eyeliners, my very first one being Electric, which I repurchased a few times.  Another repurchase were the lipstains in Greedy and Envious.  Back on the eyeliner theme, I remember enjoying their cream eyeliner 'Ink for Eyes' in Zero and their bright royal blue liquid liner in Radium.

I have stayed very loyal to Urban Decay and dread to think how much money I've given them over the years, although I don't regret it in the slightest.  Still one of my absolute favourite brands, I think they're always trying to please all areas of the market and really listen to their customers (e.g.. Chaos being back with the Electric Palette).  Without further ado, here is the said new palette.  I can't wait to use it for the first time tomorrow.  Hopefully I will create some successful interesting looks with it to post on here.

Thank you for reading!
I'd love to hear about your first experiences with Urban Decay.