Monday, 14 April 2014

Making Things Work

Don't be dismayed if you've bought make up which hasn't quite suited you.  If like me you can't bare throwing it out you may be able to make it work for you without buying anything else.  Quite often if make up is the wrong colour or tone you might already have just the thing to transform it.
A lot of these make up colour mistakes happen to me when I order online.  I just cannot resist an Illamasqua  sale and have been known to purchase from them just because I love the brand and argh they'rereducedto£5!  Two examples of this are Intense Lipglosses in Absorb and Facade.  Both of these nude colours make me look dead but with the addition of a different coloured lip liner they are totally wearable for me.

Enjoleuse plus Absorb
 Why did I buy Absorb? Why? Yep, I just couldn't resist the £5 price.  It is a neutral toned pale beige, it was never going to suit me! I was messing about one day, frustrated about not being able to use my lip gloss and I was already wearing a Bourjois Levres Contour lip pencil in 11 Enjouleuse, a pinky brown.  I tried the lip gloss on the top; lo and behold; a neutral colour that suits me.

Enjoleuse plus Absorb
I faced a similar situation with Facade which is a warm taupe colour.  
Fearless plus Facade
Layered over a pink (I used Topshop lip liner in Fearless) the colour becomes a beautiful dusky rose.
Fearless plus Facade.
L-R NC15 and C1 Rose Ivory
Another time mixing can come in handy is with foundations.  This has helped me out in particular with my MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation in NC15 and my L'oreal True Match foundation in C1 Rose Ivory. Despite being matched in store, my NC15 was way too yellow toned for me. While the True Match was an okay colour for me (slightly too cool but I could work with it) I found the consistency to be too runny and it didn't cover my blemishes.  Combined, these foundations are like a dream! Just the right colour and the NC15 adds some much needed coverage.
NC15 and Rose Ivory combined
The foundation now matches! 
When mixing doesn't work I am happy to give the unflattering item away to my sister or a friend with different colouring. I just cannot throw it out, what a waste.

It's worth mentioning that if make up doesn't quite work for you then you can try using it in a different way than it was intended, but that is for another post, another day. 

I hope this has post will be a help to someone!


Disclaimer: this post might seem to jar a bit with the last post here as in that case I gave the foundation away, but Nude Magique did not seem to mix well with any of my other foundations.