Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Zoya Nail Polish Remover [Bottle] Dupe

A few months ago I was seeing the Zoya Remove nail polish remover (available here for £9.50) on quite a few blogs.  Although a good formula, most of the hype was over the bottle.  To prevent spills you just hold your cotton pad over the pump, press down, and the pad is saturated. Although my interest was more than piqued I decided not to splash out just for a nail polish remover.

I am so glad I help out as today, quite by chance, I found a much cheaper version.

May I present to you the Cien Nail Polish Remover.  I found it in the beauty section at my local Lidl.  The price? A rather awesome £1.29.  I bought the normal formula, attracted to the 'light almond fragrance' but they also had an acetone-free version.

I figured that even if the formula isn't so great (though in most cases a nail polish remover is a nail polish remover is a nail polish remover) then I can just swap the contents out for one I like more.

This was a gem of a find and I am so glad that budget companies look at trending items and replicate them so quickly.