Sunday, 22 February 2015

Debu(t)ary: Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Apocalipslicks

Apocalipslicks in Coven Cream, Crypt Cream and Renegade

A new lip love of mine is the Apocalipslicks by Lunatick Cosmetic Labs, an indie makeup brand which is 100% vegan.  They're the first product I've ever tried from the brand and I'm already eager to try more.  The Apocalipslicks are a very opaque, thick gloss/liquid lipstick.  They are thick enough that there is no bleeding around the lips and the colour doesn't fade.
I chose two greyish colours and peachy coral.

Apocalipslicks in Coven Cream, Crypt Cream and Renegade
 The packaging shows that these are hand made, with the stickers not always aligned properly or even facing in the same direction.  I personally don't mind this, I like knowing that people have lovingly made these products.  Plus, they are extremely affordable so having cheaper packaging is totally okay.

Apocalipslicks in Coven Cream, Crypt Cream and Renegade
The formula is really thick and opaque; all the swatches are just one swipe.  Crypt Cream is ever so slightly thinner in consistency but still really opaque.  It also smells minty, whereas the other two smell more fruity. I don't notice either of the scents when they are on my lips.  They are really comfortable to wear as well, which makes a nice change when most liquid lipsticks are of the matte variety.

Apocalipslick in Coven Cream
 Coven Cream is a pale, cool grey. I lined it with the NYX Lip Pencil in 1000 Years. I don't mind the dead/ill comments I get when wearing this. :-)

Apocalipslick in Crypt Cream
Crypt Cream is a creamy coral pink.  It's really pretty and suits me I think.  I lined it with NYX Nectar.

Apocalipslick in Renegade
Renegade is a greyish brown.  I lined it with NYX Sweet Bean.  I surprisingly had a few compliments when wearing this, it's easier to wear than Coven Cream, though I really like both of them.

The Apocalipslicks are great value for money.  I bought mine at Cute Cosmetics for £6.99.  You can also get them off the Lunatick Cosmetic Labs website for $9 each.  

There's quite a lot in the tube and they stay on the lips for a long time, I did need to reapply a bit in the centre after eating/drinking.  There's a range of neutral 'normal' colours as well as more interesting ones.  I have my eyes on Creature, a forest green.

Have you tried anything by Lunatick Cosmetic Labs? What would you recommend?


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